Healthy Balance NYC - Non-Traditional UWS Boot Camp and Personal Training
at 103rd street.
boot camp upperwestside nyc

Healthy Balance NYC prides itself on the great outdoor Boot Camp that helps the individuals of the UWS realize realistic and attainable goals.  This Boot Camp is not a traditional Boot Camp where yelling is the key.  This boot camp challenges and pushes each individual to their highest potential.  The classes are limited in size to 15 (coed) and 10 (women only), so book quickly.  This creates a great atmosphere not only for personal attention, but also to bond and workout with like minded people.  Each program starts with a questionnare with the instructor to set your goals for the month.  These hour long sessions*** consists of yoga, pilates, weight training, calisthenics and cardio to get you in top shape!  This form of personal training continues to challenge the body, as each session is a different and new challenge! Please contact Nicole today to reserve your spot to get started!

UWS Boot Camp NYC

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